We multiply the eyes that take care of your business

OnYou is one of the largest customer experience monitoring companies in Latin America. It uses the Mystery Shopping and Revealed Audit methodologies along with differentiated data analysis processes and technologies.

Through constant monitoring, we provide our corporate customers with deep insight into the actual experience of their customers. This allows them to improve the quality of the services they provide, promote brand loyalty, and increase their turnover.



Mystery Shopper Evaluation

Check customer experience in your company's stores for different aspects and approaches to identify defined objectives

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation by Voice Channels

Monitor customer service through voice channels to keep team engagement and customer satisfaction

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation by Online Channels

Evaluate customer experience on online channels to promote their satisfaction and loyalty

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Employee Rewards

Reward those employees who meet specified requirements by encouraging them to improve team performance and the store’s results

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation, Filmed

Check video recordings for customer experience in the store to identify opportunities and promote business improvements

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation at Competitors’

Explore products and services from competitors to enhance your customers' experience with your own brand

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation for a Particular Product

Understand how employees are presenting and engaging in the presentation of a certain product to boost its sales

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation of Diverse Groups or With Special Needs

Assess what the experience of people from diverse groups or from groups with special needs is in your business stores

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Audit of Existing Rules

Monitor your business for compliance with any existing legal and regulatory standards, policies and guidelines

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Revealed Audit

Make sure that the activities developed in your company's stores are consistent with the existing standards

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Success cases


Sérgio Gianella, Febraban

OnYou has been an excellent partner in the monitoring of Febraban’s self-regulation.

Their competent team delivers high quality services and actively participates by making process improvement suggestions.