These are evaluations in which the Auditor introduces himself as the evaluator.

The Auditor is accompanied by the person responsible for the store and has a checklist for checking internal processes and procedures, such as product storage and the shelf life of raw materials, for example.

An excellent example of application of the Revealed Audit methodology is the brand new CovidAudit seal - the result of the partnership between OnYou and the Einstein Hospital - which aims to certify companies in COVID-19 prevention procedures.

People included in the same database, this time as auditors, are selected and trained so that they can visit a store and audit its compliance.

Such auditors introduce themselves with a letter from OnYou and one from the company to be audited. They are also accompanied by the person responsible for the store and check and document all the audited facilities.

In possession of a checklist - usually an operational checklist -, OnYou auditors compare a certain standard and quality against the reality of the store, in addition to taking a picture of each of the items being evaluated.

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