We collaborate to make organizations have a clear vision of their operations

Main benefits of our services:

  • Mapping and improving the organizations' points of contact with their customers
  • Understanding if the brand promise is being delivered
  • Analyzing service, behavior, and team management
  • Improving sales and increasing both the average ticket and the company’s revenue
  • Checking operations across multiple channels: telephone, online, and face-to-face channels
  • Improving customer satisfaction by refining customer service



Mystery Shopper Evaluation

Check customer experience in your company's stores for different aspects and approaches to identify defined objectives

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation by Voice Channels

Monitor customer service through voice channels to keep team engagement and customer satisfaction

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation by Online Channels

Evaluate customer experience on online channels to promote their satisfaction and loyalty

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Employee Rewards

Reward those employees who meet specified requirements by encouraging them to improve team performance and the store’s results

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation, Filmed

Check video recordings for customer experience in the store to identify opportunities and promote business improvements

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation at Competitors’

Explore products and services from competitors to enhance your customers' experience with your own brand

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation for a Particular Product

Understand how employees are presenting and engaging in the presentation of a certain product to boost its sales

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Mystery Shopper Evaluation of Diverse Groups or With Special Needs

Assess what the experience of people from diverse groups or from groups with special needs is in your business stores

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Audit of Existing Rules

Monitor your business for compliance with any existing legal and regulatory standards, policies and guidelines

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Revealed Audit

Make sure that the activities developed in your company's stores are consistent with the existing standards

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