Mystery Shopper Evaluation at Competitors’

OnTHEM assessments are performed by mystery shoppers to understand the services and/or products provided by competitors*.

Mystery shoppers can visit one or more competitor stores and evaluate their experience in all areas and the people they have contact with.
It is possible to know what the competitors’ service is like, their facilities, procedures, sales techniques, waiting times for a service, among others.

In many cases, these evaluations are carried out in parallel with visits to the customers’ own stores (OnYOU service) to generate comparisons of verified perspectives.

(*) The OnTHEM service cannot be used for competitors who are already OnYou customers


  • Knowing competitors more accurately in order to make comparisons and improve the customer’s business
  • Analyzing competitors’ service and sales roadmaps
  • Verifying the presentation and quality of competing products and/or services
  • Conducting pricing surveys of competing products and/or services

Main industries:

  • All industries

Application example:

A mystery shopper goes to a bank and simulates a series of situations to understand the products being offered, fees, the channel of communication - among other variables.

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